Friday, April 5, 2013


Here is an example of what a leftover, disturbed, fragmented wooded area looks like.


This is the view from my current neighborhood.  This little plot of land was left as a buffer and drainage zone.  Everything is smothered in kudzu, Virginia creeper, and poison ivy vines.  Every pine tree, some of them fairly old, is covered right up to the crown.  When the vines reach the top, they string out to reach for something else, forming giant "laundry lines" running tree to tree.  When it rains, these hanging masses saturate with water, the weight usually too great, and come crashing down, sometimes bringing trees with them.

Despite the slim variety of plant life, this ecosystem, and the similar ones nearby, seems to be enough to support squirrels, birds, rabbits, foxes, snakes, and even a nesting site or two for bald eagles.

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